Each operator compares its two upper inputs (on the LEFT) and calculates the result of its operation on RIGHT.

AND: outputs high when both inputs are high
OR: outputs high when either input is high, or when both inputs are high
XOR: outputs high when either input is high, low when both or neither are high

For the advanced builder — the module comes with the three basic logic functions as outlined above, however it can be built with any combination of TI Little Logic ICs. This includes logic such as NOR and NAND, plus both normal and inverted flip flops. So if you want you can build a triple XOR, or a flip flop with an inverter to make a toggle. Please note that only AND, OR and XOR are provided in the kit.

The module utilises discrete logic, not a microprocessor in sight. This enables it to run as fast as you can possibly push it – easily reaching audio rates and beyond.

Pairs great with... Shift — create new rhythms from a drum sequencer.